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Creative writing for Wellbeing at Hill close gardens with Sally Tissington


NEXT WORKSHOP: Sat JAN 20th 2023. Book HERE


Cost £35 which includes tea and cake and all materials.


Come and join us in the lovely Hill Close Gardens in Warwick.

Hill Close Gardens

Bread and Meat Close


CV34 6HF



What is Creative Writing for wellbeing?

Creative Writing for Wellbeing is raw writing from the heart without worrying about spelling, grammar, or sentence structure. You can then look back at this writing and reflect on what you have written. This can be useful for renewing confidence in ourselves and seeing ways forward that we previously could not see.


How does it differ from other types of creative writing?

It is not intended for publication, just for yourself or sharing in a small group. You can go on to publish your work in the future but the best way to get started or break through creative block is to make the work without expectations.


Health benefits

When used in a therapeutic way writing can offer significant health and wellbeing benefits. James Pennebaker, a social psychologist is a pioneer in the study of expressive writing and shows how this particular type of writing can help to improve both mental and physical health.


A little bit about Sally

Sally has an MSc in Creative Writing for Wellbeing and MAs in Creative Writing and Fine Art. She has 20 years’ experience of her own creative writing and art.  She has taught in universities, the community and worked for charities and schools. Her facilitating approach is one of patience and gentleness. Sally is excellent with both beginners, seasoned artists and those experiencing creative block. She believes the way to produce your most powerful work is through a playful approach.


What will we be doing on the course?

We will be using poems, short stories, objects, and postcards as inspiration for our discussions and our writing. We may even pick up a pencil or a pen and make marks/ scribbles. No experience of creative writing or art are required at all. All the exercises Sally uses are about inclusivity.


How to book the course

To book yourself a place on the course please email: or book HERE

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