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I am an award-winning writer and artist with a post-graduate qualification in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. I understand the challenges of creativity having gone through many difficult experiences with writing and making art myself. I have just finished a dissertation on wildness and creativity where my research focused on getting grittiness back into my own work. This has led to me being able to help people energise a writing or art project through taking greater creative risk whilst ensuring people feel safe and go at their own pace. I am an ardent believer in focusing on the positive in emerging work and if you work alongside me you will not face harsh criticism or insensitivity as I consider this to be counter-productive and unhelpful. I know this from experience!

I teach from a point of view of knowing how tricky creativity can be and use my years of art and writing practice to help make it easier for others. I have a higher education teaching qualification and have worked at two universities teaching courses on creativity and creative writing. I am now freelance and for 18 months I worked with Headway, the brain injury charity, running a creativity project which culminated in a film which demonstrates the group’s wonderful humour and tenacity in the face of coping with a brain injury.

MA Creative Writing - UEA

MA Fine Art - BIAD

MSc Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes - Metanoia

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy - University of Warick

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