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Writing for wellbeing can be an excellent way to improve your writing skills in a relaxed and gentle atmosphere. It encourages the production of raw imperfect material with no pressure to think about publication or where the work is going. It is an end in itself but strangely, perhaps because of this it always improves people’s work and their confidence. It is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself and get feelings and emotions down on paper without worrying about the writing being judged or needing to be changed. I use all the techniques involved in writing for wellbeing in my own writing and art and this practice has changed the way I feel about creativity and allows me to use my work for self-insight and healing.



I work with people on a one-to-one basis to help them get together a collection of short stories or to improve their confidence in their work. I draw on my own years of experience tailoring the experience to suit individuals. The £60 fee includes reading & discussing work.


" Sally is my writing tutor, mentor, confidante and friend. She is a splendid writer and I value her opinion above all others. She combines honesty in her opinion of what needs changing with sensitivity and positivity...If they gave out prizes for emotional intelligence, Sally would get a gold award for her compassion, empathy, patience and her willingness to listen. I needed someone special to help me write again after a major life event caused a hiatus. Sally has been perfect"  NICOLA

"The one-to-one creative writing sessions with Sally are extremely inspiring and helpful...They have given me new insights into writing and myself. I have started reading poetry again which I haven't done for decades, learning to trust my instinct and interpretation...The sessions encourage me to reflect, gain confidence and have enabled me to take a big step towards getting over my inhibitions to write. With Sally's encouragement and empathetic teaching, I feel myself coming nearer to starting my lifelong ambition to write a book"  ANGELA

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