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I:DNA was launched to bring fresh perspectives on the lived experience of families and individuals affected by genetically-inherited conditions, and their reactions to genomic medicine.

The project's art installation was launched at the British Science Festival in September 2019 and since then has toured venues in Coventry, Oxford and Birmingham.

The spoken word event event at which I performed 3 new poems, was part of the Resonate Festival held at Warwick Arts centre and was hosted by BBC C&W and poet Nigel Hutchinson. It was filmed and streamed worldwide and included readings from local, national and international poets. This project has emerged from a collaboration between artists/writers, Warwick Medical School, STAMP Theatre Productions and the Wellcome Trust. An anthology of our work has also just been published.

The poems shared our responses to identity individuality and DNA and explored the impact of ground breaking biological sciences on our everyday life. It was intended to be a thought provoking journey into the world of human genetics and responded to research undertaken by Professor Felicity Boardman of Warwick Medical School.

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