What is it?

This differs from other creative writing classes in that the focus is on using writing as a therapeutic tool allowing for personal development.The writing produced can be poetry, prose, dialogue… anything. Expressive writing has long been acknowledged as a means of dealing with trauma (Pennebaker et al) and writing for wellbeing combines insights from the creative process, literary theory, psychology and poetry providing a way of understanding creative work. Writing for Wellbeing allows participants to gain insight into themselves and can provide a opportunity for change. It is not about creating a perfect piece of writing, more about letting the writing spill out and working with what arises in a safe and relaxing environment.

Sally introduces art into the mix, often through creative journalling, where people can work with both words and images. She encourages people to  use a wide variety of materials including: wire, clay, tinfoil and paper cups and many discover talents they were unaware they had.

Keeping a creative journal can be a valuable way of showing your journey mixing word and image in a playful manner. The journal also acts as inspiration for longer pieces. Again the emphasis is on a wild approach where nothing is wrong.

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