Creative Journalling is both creative and therapeutic where writing and art are recorded regularly without editing. A journal will be a collection of thoughts, ideas and reactions. In writing things down – anything and everything – we create a narrative which can help us make sense of the world. Perhaps there is a very long history of this sort of exercise going all the way back to cave paintings or quilt making. At its simplest, a journal is a form of diary but not one that lists appointments and events but a more abstract record of ideas, flights of fancy and emotions.


This 8 week course, which will begin in Leamington Spa in January 2019, takes a small group through the freeing idea of journalling and creates a supportive group where participants learn from each other as they develop the positive habit of journalling.

Who is it for?

Anyone can come. There is no need for any artistic or writing abilities. Many people are convinced that they cannot draw or can’t write a story. But everyone can and the course will support you as you find your voice. The only requirement is that you want to try. Use the contact form for further details.


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